How Much Do Mop Boys Get Paid In The NBA?

In the world of basketball, NBA games are a dazzling spectacle of athleticism and skill, with each play leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

While the players and coaches often receive the most attention, there’s a whole team of dedicated staff working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of each game.

One such unsung hero is the NBA floor sweeper, responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the court during play.

But just how much does this essential role pay?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the earning potential of NBA floor sweepers and explore the factors that can influence their income.

How Much Do Mop Boys Get Paid In The NBA?

How Much Does an NBA Floor Sweeper Make?

The salary of an NBA floor sweeper can vary depending on factors such as the team they work for, their experience, and the location of the team.

On average, NBA floor sweepers earn between $35,000 and $55,000 per year.

Entry-level positions may start at around $30,000, while more experienced sweepers working for prestigious teams in larger markets could make more than $60,000 annually.

In addition to their salary, floor sweepers may also receive perks such as free game tickets or team merchandise.

How Do You Become a Sweeper?

Becoming an NBA floor sweeper typically does not require a formal education or specific qualifications.

However, having a high school diploma or equivalent and some experience in janitorial or maintenance work can be beneficial. To get started, you’ll want to:

  1. Research job openings with NBA teams or their affiliated arenas.
  2. Prepare a resume that highlights your relevant experience and skills, such as attention to detail, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and strong teamwork.
  3. Network with individuals working in the sports industry or attend job fairs and events to increase your chances of landing an interview.
  4. Be prepared to work during games, which often take place in the evenings and on weekends.

Why Do NBA Floor Cleaners Make So Much Money?

While the salaries of NBA floor cleaners may seem high compared to other janitorial roles, there are several factors that contribute to this:

  1. High-stakes environment: The NBA is a multi-billion dollar industry, and maintaining a clean and safe playing surface is crucial for the safety of players and the overall game experience.
  2. Specialized skills: Floor sweepers must work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the court is clear of sweat, debris, and any other hazards in a matter of seconds.
  3. Limited positions: There are only 30 NBA teams, which means that competition for these roles can be intense, driving up the salaries for those who secure a position.
Why Do NBA Floor Cleaners Make So Much Money?

Is Being an NBA Floor Cleaner a Hard Job?

Being an NBA floor cleaner can be both physically and mentally demanding. Some challenges associated with the role include:

  1. Physical demands: Sweepers must be in good physical shape, as they are required to quickly move across the court, bend, and lift throughout the game.
  2. Fast-paced environment: NBA games are intense and fast-paced, meaning that floor cleaners must be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice to maintain the court’s cleanliness.
  3. Pressure: Floor sweepers work under the watchful eyes of players, coaches, referees, and fans, which can be a high-pressure environment for some individuals.
  4. Unpredictable schedule: NBA games are typically played in the evenings and on weekends, which may not align with a traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. Floor cleaners must be willing to work irregular hours and possibly travel with the team for away games.

Despite these challenges, being an NBA floor cleaner can be an exciting and rewarding job, providing the opportunity to work closely with a professional sports team and contribute to the overall success of the games.

What kind of training is required for NBA floor sweepers?

Formal training is not usually required for NBA floor sweepers, as most of the necessary skills can be learned on the job.

However, prior experience in janitorial or maintenance work is often advantageous.

Some teams may provide on-the-job training to familiarize new hires with the specific court maintenance techniques and equipment.

Are there opportunities for career growth in this field?

While there may not be a direct career ladder for NBA floor sweepers, the experience and connections gained in this role can open up opportunities within the sports industry.

Some sweepers may transition into other roles within the arena or the team organization, such as facilities management or even coaching support staff.

Do floor sweepers have any interaction with the players or coaching staff?

While floor sweepers primarily focus on maintaining the court, they may have occasional interactions with players and coaching staff. These interactions typically occur during game breaks or when addressing safety concerns on the court.

Can a floor sweeper work for more than one team or in other leagues?

It is possible for a floor sweeper to work for multiple teams or in other leagues, such as the G League, NCAA, or international basketball organizations.

However, this would depend on the individual’s schedule and availability, as well as the demand for their services.

Are there any additional benefits to being an NBA floor sweeper?

In addition to their salary, NBA floor sweepers may receive various perks, such as free game tickets, team merchandise, or access to special events.

The experience of working in a professional sports environment can also be personally rewarding and exciting.

Is the role of a floor sweeper limited to basketball games?

While this article focuses on NBA floor sweepers, similar roles exist in other sports, such as volleyball, indoor soccer, and hockey.

These positions may have different responsibilities and requirements, but the core focus is the same: ensuring a clean and safe playing surface for athletes.

How important is the role of a floor sweeper for player safety?

The role of a floor sweeper is crucial for player safety. A clean and well-maintained court minimizes the risk of injuries caused by slips, falls, or collisions.

Quick response times by floor sweepers during games can prevent accidents and protect both the players and the team’s investment in them.


NBA floor sweepers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of professional basketball games.

Despite the challenges of the job, floor sweepers enjoy a competitive salary and the opportunity to work in the exciting world of professional sports.

While the position may not require formal qualifications, a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and the ability to perform under pressure are essential for success.

As the unsung heroes of the court, NBA floor sweepers contribute to the overall game experience and help keep players safe and focused on their performance.

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